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Citizen Model L20X

The next evolution of the industry standard...  

L20IX-E Brochure with Specifications|Typical Parts Made Watch Video


L20The newest Citizen CINCOM L20-series lathe truly must be seen to fully appreciate its speed and tooling flexibility.  This latest seventh generation L20 machine from Citizen is far more advanced than the previous L-series lathes.  The new L20X is equipped with the newly developed powerful Mitsubishi 700 control for high-speed processing.  Full servo axes and advanced technologies enable faster machining operations while reducing non-cutting idle time by 40% compared to previous models.  This 7-axis lathe with 27 standard tools - including 13 live tools - demonstrates the versatility and capability that has left the L20X without peer.  The new Y-axis to the subspindle increases the tooling possibilities even more.  Live right-angled tools can now be mounted on secondary tool blocks.  Pinch milling on the main spindle is now a reality.  This new model can feature 31+ tools if your application demands complex machining, making it the ideal solution for the medical and aerospace industries (among others).   

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L720IX MCC Std Tooling


Typical Parts

Typical parts made by Citizen L20

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 Citizen L20 Brochure