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Miyano ABX-Series

Unique 3-turret construction provides unbeatable productivity... 

ABX Brochure with Specifications |Typical Parts Made |Watch Video

Miyano ABX CNC turning centerThe ABX-series lathe from Miyano is designed to provide the most productive processing of complex precision parts.  This model with both 51mm and 64mm bar capacity, features a unique 3-turret construction, which results in completed parts from a single setup and eliminates secondary operations.  The ABX-51THY model's turrets each feature a Y-axis slide, and is capable of live tool work from all of its 12 stations.  Your tooling capability is virtually limitless.  Weighing in at approx. 24,000 lbs., the beefy ABX machine and its incredible rigidity can readily meet your production machining needs.       

Miyano Model ABX  

Miyano Model ABX


Typical Parts

Typical Parts Made using the Miyano ABX

 Click the Play Button to watch video of the ABX in action!

Miyano Model ABX Brochure