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Miyano LZ-01R2 

Expect tremendous cost savings from this auto-chucker...       

LZ Brochure with Specifications  |  Watch Video

Miyano Model LZThe Miyano LZ-01R2 was designed for complete, single-machine processing of small, lightweight cast or cold-forged parts that require relatively short cycle times.  Minimizing the loading time is the most effective approach for maximizing throughput of high volume production of these such parts.  This series was specifically created for such work, featuring a high speed self loader with a self traversing and loading main spindle.  The high-speed handling and the general purpose versatility allow tremendous savings in production costs, with the added benefits of energy and resource conservation.  

Miyano Model LZ




Typical Parts

Typical parts made with the Miyano Model LZ

 Click Play to watch the LZ in action!

Miyano Model LZ Brochure